What Is A Music Studio?

A music studio can be described as a facility that is normally used for audio production i.e. sound recording and mixing. Ideas the monitoring and recording spaces are designed in a special way by an expert acoustician in a bid to achieve optimum acoustic properties. They are used for a number of activities such as recording musicians, voice overs, dialogue replacement for television, film or animation, recording sound tracks or Foley among many others. A typical studio features a living room/studio where vocalists and instrumentalists perform. It also has a control room where sometimes sound engineers work with producers to operate audio mixing consoles and/or computers that have specialized programs used for digital or audio recording. There are others that come with smaller rooms that are known as isolation booths used to accommodate loud instruments such as electric guitars and drums. This ensures that the sounds are not audible to the microphones.

Music Studio

Music Studio Design and Equipment

The facilities used for audio production normally feature 3 rooms i.e. studio, control room and the machine room. The facility is normally designed around acoustics so as to produce sound with accuracy and precision. Equipment that is found here include multi-track recorder, mixing console, reference monitors, microphones, acoustic drum kit, keyboard, music workstation, digital audio workstation outboard effects and recording or on air light.

Digital Audio Workstation

General purpose computers also play a huge role when it comes to audio production. This is because it can replace the recorders, mixing consoles, samples, synthesizers as well as sound effects devices. A computer that is used for this job is known as a digital audio workstation and can be used by the professionals in the facility for their work. The software is designed to work with recording software that they run on. In the absence of a mixing console a music sound producer can use a mouse and keyboard for mixing.

Project studios

Audio production can also be done in a small personal recording studio that is also known as a home studio or project studio. These are used for non- commercial hobbies or to cater to the specific needs of a certain artist. The first modern study of its kind was developed in the mid 1980’s thanks to the introduction of affordable synthesizers, multi-track recording devices and microphones. However, it’s quite challenging for a person who wants to use electric guitars and recording drums as they can be too loud. One of the main things that led to the rise of the project studios was the introduction of digital recording in the 1990s by Alesis ADAT at comparatively low costs.

Isolation booth

This is a small standard room that is found in the recording studio where audio production takes place. It is designed in such a way that it is soundproof so that external sounds are kept off. It typically has a vocalist, drummer or guitar speaker cabinet that also features microphones. There are also other variations of the room where you can get a portable standalone isolation booth, a large guitar speaker cabinet isolation booth or compact guitar speaker isolation cabinet. It also has a reconfigurable combination of non reflective and reflective surfaces which is used to control the amount of reverberation.

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