Everyone listens to music yet very few know what went into the production of any piece of music. It takes more than just the writing and singing ability of a musician to make good music. It takes the production skills of a music producer to bring musical pieces to life in the best way possible. Little is known about these production gurus since they work behind the scenes, hence everyone tends to ask, what is a music producer? What does he or she do?

Music Producer

Music Producer: History And Evolution Of Audio Production

In the 1950s, the A&R managers were the people in charge of producing music. They got songs from songwriters and assigned songs to their signed artists. This system was too rigid and with time, the industry evolved into independent production. This new trend saw the establishment of commercial recording studios. At first, commercial producers produced music, then distributed it to a major recording company for manufacturing. This new breed of commercial producers chose songs and arranged them appropriately.

One of the most famous producers in history is George Martin. He was once an employee in A&R before he ventured into independent production. He is known for signing the Beatles into his production company and leading them to their rise in the music industry. Music production has experienced several forms of evolution, such as electric guitars, good microphones and amplifiers. At current modern times, music production is done wholesomely in one station and it also incorporates video production. Modern producers write songs, compose music, sound engineer, and manage audio production.

Job Description Of A Music Producer

The work of a producer can be very hands-on or hands-off depending on how well the other concerned parties did their job. Other parties in music production include the songwriter, engineer and mentor. The engineer works on the instruments and beats to be used in a musical piece. The mentor basically gives advice on what would suit a piece well. If any of these parties does not produce maximum results, the record producer’s job becomes more hands-on than it is supposed to be. If not, then the producer can do his/her destined duty. The first duty is pre-production where the producer and the artist work together in deciding how the songs will be produced. This includes deciding on the solo acts, group acts and which songs will be featured on an album. The producer also decides on the instruments to be used in recording and the overall sound that should be achieved.

With that, audio production can start. The producer tells the musician(s) how the instruments should be arranged in the musical piece and also directs their recording in the studio. The most important part of music is the vocals of the musician. As such, the producer works by the artist on the best vocals to be used in a given piece and how it should change throughout the song.

Music production is taught in recording schools, but for a hands-on experience, aspiring producers should go through a mentorship program with an established product. Music production entails a deep professional relationship between an artist and a producer for exemplary results.

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