From gramophones to cassette players, CD players, and now MP3 players – these are the many ways music was delivered into everyone’s daily life, not to mention, of course, the various musical instruments that carries the melody for every song. Such are the resonating proof of the importance of music in life. Aside from the obvious fact that music brings melody to liven up a boring day, there are more reasons why the role of music in life is highly valued.

Role of Music in Life: Music Fuels a Creative Mind

This shows in so many ways. Just look at how a songwriter brings lyrics and melodies together to come up with a masterpiece or how a movie director incorporates music to complete his movie. Then there are those cultures that still use songs to tell new generations about the story of their past. Other than these creative proofs, there is also the scientific explanation that when a person plays an instrument or creates a song, he is using the right side of his brain, which is the part that is in charge of all creative learning, like dancing, painting, and sculpting.

 Music in Life

Role of Music in Life: Music is a Universal Language

The beauty of music in life is it encompasses countries, races, and generations. You can see people from different parts of the world enjoying the same jazz song or sentimental classic. Sometimes even if you hear a song with a lyric that you do not understand, you can still relate to it because of the melodies that it imparts. Music connects people with same interests even if they are miles or generations apart, and that is really magical.

Role of Music in Life: Music Makes Life More Fun

Another important role of music in life is it makes you happy. Just imagine driving to work all alone in the silence of your car or watching a movie that is purely filled with dialogues and not a single trace of music in it. Boring, right? Music livens up what could have been a boring day. It breaks the ice in events where guests are strangers to each other. It gives life a color that you cannot see with the eyes yet it dazzles your spirit, especially if it is your favorite tune playing on your earphones right now.

Role of Music in Life: Music Can Bring You to another Place and Time

There are songs that remind you of people you have encountered in your life or places that you have visited. Even if it has been years since you saw their faces or the majestic sceneries, hearing that particular song can make you travel back in time and feel the warmth of happy memories. Then there are songs that tell you of a story of a certain place that you have never been to and yet hearing them seems like you share the mood and emotion delivered by the singer.

Role of Music in Life: Music is a Prayer

Having music in life is also a means of worship. They even say that singing songs of praises is like praying a hundred times, which is why most religious services include psalms as a means to praise the Lord. You must have also heard of tribes and other old civilizations that call on their deities and gods by chanting their prayers of gratefulness and petitions. They believed that by chanting, their gods can hear them more and thus their prayers are answered generously.

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