The advent of technology has revolutionized the music industry. The internet, sensors, computers and virtual reality have all given new dimensions to electronic music and its production technology. The world has shrunk in size with the dawn of modern electronic music and composers around the world use technology to produce and perform their music. The contemporary electronic music genre has benefitted the most from such technology.

Contemporary Electronic Music

Contemporary Electronic Music

Electronic instruments and music technology in general has helped composers and musicians create many musical sounds in a variety of situations:

Here are a few situations where electronic instruments and technology have assisted composers of contemporary music in creating enchanting melodies:

1. Film composers create choirs and orchestra using the software.

2. MIDI instruments such as the Malletkat and electronic drums allow percussionists to become a stringed orchestra.

3. Dancers can use MIDI data to compose music through their dance movements in a live concert.

4. Composers can make use of computers to transcribe their music and send its copies to orchestras with just a click of the mouse.

5. Music students can get an exposure to music around the world without leaving their homes.

6. Collaborations between musicians across the globe have been made easy.

7. Music education software allows music teachers to create fun music projects.

8. Keyboards can play, difficult to find instruments such as full organs or bagpipes.

What is an Electronic Dance Music?

EDM is electronic music which has been produced with the sole intent for use in a nightclub or similar setting centered on dance based entertainment. It is essentially a set of percussive music genre which arises out of disco music production methods such as house music, techno and trance music. This music is produced by DJs or disc jockeys who produce it to be played on a continuous DJ set.

Digital music is the kind of music which is represented in numerical values. EDM is a subset of digital music. Digital music production encompasses all activities that take place to produce music that can be played through digital instruments such as a compact disc, MP3 player, etc. Creating EDM is a kind of digital music production because such music is played on a DJ set or similar machine which is entirely based on digital equipment.

How is an Electronic Music produced?

Here is a sneak peek into step by step process of Electronic Music production:

1. Making edits

This is the process of arranging your favorite electronic music tracks in the order you want and altering the order of song structure.

2. Sampling a kick drum

A loud soundtrack that has been mixed well stands or falls with the beats of a kick drum. To make sure that you are using the right one, try to sample one from an existing track.

3. Masterchain

It is wise to start your production with full masterchain on. For the uninitiated, masterchain are the plug-ins that you use on your master output to let the track sound fat and at a decent volume. It is recommended that you use a limiter and a compressor here.

4. Reference your tracks

Always have a few references to compare your tracks with. These references must be professional tracks. When you make switching back and forth from the reference track to your track and vice versa, you will realize what does your track lack.

5. Move to the next

Every electronic music producer must try to finish the track instead of ending with snippets. A producer’s true skill is tested when he is able to finish the track. This is very important to allow you to move to a new track.

Always do take other’s advice and keep moving. Remember, the best is yet to come.

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