There are currently thirty music production colleges located in Florida. Some of the top music production colleges will include the University of Central Florida and the University of Florida. Here we will discuss what makes these schools the best, what degree programs they offer and their enrollment requirements.

University of Florida’s Programs

The University of Florida’s music program offers three different bachelor’s degree programs, a master’s degree program and a doctoral program.

The degree for Bachelor of Arts in music will provide general education courses in humanities with a focus on music. A student can choose to specialize in music history, music theory or performance.  A student will be required to enroll in some courses in music history, piano, technology and theory.  Recital attendance and ensemble participation is also a requirement.

The bachelor of music degree is intended for the student who wants to become a professional musician. The specialties in this type of program will include courses in music literature, theory, history, interdisciplinary studies and composition. A performance major student can specialize in vocals, woodwinds, keyboards or percussions. The student will have more intensive performance requirements than the requirements found in the Bachelor of Arts degree program, such as individual recital performance.

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The bachelor of music education degree is designed for those students who wish to teach music. Students can decide to specialize in an instrument or choral music.

The master of music degree is an undergraduate program that consists of thirty-two hours. To qualify for admission the student will need to audition and take several prerequisite courses in history, performance and music history.

The doctor of philosophy in music program features four specialties that correspond with those that are offered at prior levels. All of the specialties that are included in this program will emphasize research and will require the student to defend and compose a dissertation before a committee.

University of Central Florida’s Programs

The University of Central Florida offers over two hundred degree programs, with its music department featuring ten minor ensembles and eight large ensembles that will provide the student with more performance experience.

The Bachelor of Arts in music degree program is designed for the aspiring musician who desires a general exposure to liberal arts. Requirements for this program will include an audition and admission placement testing. A student can take several survey courses and electives in courses such as historical literature, music theory and piano.

The bachelor of music education degree program is designed for the student who wants to teach music or wants to specialize in elementary school or choral music.  All students with a music major will be required to complete an audition, take teaching courses and participate in performances. Internships will also be included in this program.


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