The music producer salary will vary and the range will be based on their skill set and level of experience. As a music producer you will work within the music industry, television industry, or film. The producer will oversee all aspects of the music recording process and will have several tasks that include selecting songs with the recording artist, controlling recording sessions, supervising the mastering and mixing process and hiring musicians. The production industry is competitive and can involve long hours with variable pay.

What is the Music Producer Responsible for?

The role and responsibilities of the producer will include securing studio time, assisting an artist in choosing songs, assisting engineers in mastering and mixing tracks, keeping the project within budget, determining the production content, size and budget, creating the production schedule, arranging record financing, writing proposals for contract bids and performing marketing duties.

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As a producer you will need to resolve personnel problems that can arise during the recording process and act as a liaison between dissenting parties. The producer will also need to negotiate with different distributors, independent producers and broadcasters.

In order to work as a producer you will typically be required to have completed a four year bachelor’s degree program, obtaining a degree in music arts and will also need several years of on the job training or internships in order to obtain adequate knowledge of the music industry.

Currently a producer will utilize modern production software technology, which makes it imperative for students to take classes in the latest computer software and workstation packages.

What does the Producer make an Hour?

The hourly pay rate for the producer can range from 13$ to 30$ an hour with producers that have a minimum of five years of experience making a median rate of 32$ an hour.

The annual wages for the music producer salary can range from 22,000$ to over a million.  Working for a large music production company will offer a higher salary for this position, as can working for the movie industry. With ten or more years of experience in the field, working with a large production company the producer will have the potential of earning two to three million a year when employed with such companies as Sony or Atlantic Records.

Starting out in the field the music producer can expect to earn the low end of the pay scale for the first few years. Working as an intern during your education can help to significantly increase your salary. Typically those that work as an intern in this field for a year or more can land employment with that company once they have obtained their bachelor’s degree.  The majority of these internships will not be compensated, for those that do offer compensation it will typically involve minimum wage.

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