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Do you like making your own music? Well, if you want to enhance your adventurous spirit with regards to music creation, then free music production software is the way to go. Producing your first music can be very interesting and you may also share it with others on YouTube and social networking sites such as MySpace. For beginners, loop-based free music production software is certainly one of the simplest ways to explore your musical ideas; just use audio loops. Here are some free music production software you may want to consider.

DarkWave music production software

 Free Music Production Software: Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS)

This free music production software is an open source MIDI composer/sequencer for both Linux and Windows. LMMS is backed up by its user community, through forums and user guides. This is a standalone application that offers a more comprehensive, versatile and fully featured music creation platform. It comes with a wide variety of instruments and effects. You will not need any plugin recorder since you can just save your music to wav, if you want to. LMMS supports .wav and .ogg sample files. Moreover, it supports VST, LADSPA and VSTi plugins. It comes with inbuilt Beat/Bassline editor, hence you won’t need a separate drum sequencer.

Temper from AngryRedPlanet

The Temper software is a powerful MIDI recorder / composer / sequencer that has evolved for a few years. It has a user friendly and excellent GUI. There are many ways to record with this free music production software. You can download a full manual and integrate it into the app help facility, to guide you in case you are stuck. There is also an AngryRedPlanet website forum. The config panel, pattern editor and sequencer are on the same window, thereby making everything organized and accessible. You can switch sounds easily, and the absence of the VST reduces the confusion factor. The cut and paste feature in the music pattern editor saves a great deal of time.

DarkWave Studio

DarkWave Studio is a combination of VST Host, Recorder and Sequencer. It has an excellent, minimalist GUI which is separated into 3 neat workstations as well as a recording bay. The VST Host is the first workstation where you dock and configure the plugins. The pattern editor is the next one; here, you make the music components. The final one is the sequencer that allows you assemble the music components. This free music production software is a cleverly designed and virtually foolproof system. This software is easy to set up, configure and use, which allow you install virtual effects keyboards, guitars, racks and percussion. Mastering the pattern editor and shifting between workstations is very easy due to the presence of tabbed toolbar.


This is a drum sequencer/recorder for both Windows and Linux. It is very easy to use thanks to the pattern based sequencers, particularly during the actual creation of the pattern/song. The GUI has a great layout with everything in the right place. The Hydrogen team offer 24/7 support on their website forum and through tutorials. There is a feature that allows you adjust the parameters of every drum in the rack. This would allow the user to change the sound or duration of instruments to make a new instrument. All comes in free music production software.

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