In life, to explore your talents, you need to engage in regular trials, schooling, exercises, and so on. For instance, if you are talented in music and its related chores, then, you have to attend a music school to sharpen your wit. To do so, you need to attend the best schools that will provide you with a good foundation and knowledge to achieve your dream. In this regard, this article presents you with the best music school like no other. It is the Eastman School of Music.

School’s History

It is a professional school offering the best music conservatory classes within the University of Rochester. A philanthropist and an industrialist George Eastman established it in the year 1921. The quality surveys conducted between 1997 and 2004 by the U.S News & World Report’ ranked this music school as the best school offering music programs. The school admits more than 900 students (400 on master programs and 500 on undergraduate courses) from all over the United States between the age of 18 and 80.


The Eastman School of Music is located in Rochester, New York city. Music classes are offered at different halls within the University of Rochester as directed below:

  1. The Kilbourn Hall’ is located in the Eastman School Main Building at 26 Gibbs St.
  2. Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre’ is located in downtown Rochester at 60 Gibbs St.
  3. Schmitt Organ Recital Hall and Howard Hanson Hall’ are located in the main building of the school.
  4. Hatch Recital Hall is located in the east wing of Eastman at 433 East Main St.
  5. Patron parking is also available during special school activities such as music events and concerts.

Eastman Music School

Courses offered at the Eastman Music School

  1. The following courses are offered under undergraduate program:
  2. Introductions to the Lyrics Theater one and two
  3. Opera workshops one and two
  4. Opera performance projects one and two
  5. Opera production project I and II: stage management
  6. Early American Lyrics Theater Performance and survey practice I and II
  7. The Play without Music I and II

For programs under post graduate:

  • Opera workshop I and II
  • Opera performance project I and II
  • Seminar in lyric theater stage directing I, II, and III
  • Opera production project I and II
  • Performance Techniques for the Singing-actor
  • Opera Repertoire
  • Advanced seminar on Opera
  • Voice audition I and II

School Fee Structure

Students within the United States are expected to pay amount between $400 and $600 for undergraduate programs and $600 for master classes. However, a 50% increment is charged for if a student does not come from the U.S.

In addition, all students are required to purchase the following: two armless chairs, microphone (for speaking), lighting or sound tech, and card-sized table (for props)

Grading Policy

As a way accessing a student’s progress, exams are done after each level or class and grades are offered. To get good grades, the following requirements have to be satisfied:

  • Attend all classes
  • You must cover quantity and quality work
  • Show good progress throughout the semester
  • Do all class work such as labs, assignment, daily and weekly quizzes, four chapter tests, and continuous assessment tests

After an end semester exam, those who will attain the pass mark of 40% will proceed to the next level of study

How to apply for an admission to this school

If you need to enroll in this school, then, you have to get an application form by paying a non-refundable fee of $75 for undergraduate and $125 for master programs between Nov.1 and Dec. 1 every year. You are required to fill the form attaching all the requirements. Remember that incomplete forms will not processed.

If you need to get quality knowledge, skills, and long lasting experience that will earn you a daily living, then, consider attending Music Production Schools like the Eastman School of Music.

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