Audio recording can involve  creating sound effects that are added into a film or video game, editing music tracks or when it involves voice over recording  where a person will read a script and deliver it effectively so that the audio engineer can edit it and add it to a film. During these recording sessions audio recording will involve a systematic process.

How important is Timing in Voice Over?

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Timing in a voice over recording session is crucial and will involve the span where a certain script line must be read. As an example, the script will instruct the reader to voice over a particular line within ten seconds. This can be due to the fact that every line will need to be delivered in their appropriate scenes or scenarios.  Without this, the voice and the video will be unable to sync correctly.

When a musician or reader talks into a microphone they will produce a vibration. The vibration will consist of analog signals, which will create a sound pattern or wave form that’s transmitted to a recording device. When these signals reach the recording device it can then be transformed into a digital signal that will be recognized by other digital devices, such as a computer.

 Working with Music Tracks: Audio Engineering

Sound recording for music is done differently as the audio equipment that’s used will be set up for the recording of the artist’s vocals and their instruments. When working on a music track, the audio engineer is a member of a team that ensures the recording is clear and high quality. Part of the engineer’s job will be to set up instruments and microphones.  The individual microphones will be used for specific types of instruments such as woodwinds or guitars and are placed in a manner that will provide the most optimal sound.

Part of the engineer’s responsibilities aside from setting up instruments and recording equipment is mixing, editing and mastering a track. This is typically done with the use of recording software programs such as Logic or Pro-tools.  In order to operate this type of program effectively the sound engineer will need to enroll in courses that are software specific.

The engineer will work with their assistant, the music producer and the recording artist in order to produce the final cut of a track that all parties involved will agree on. The producer will have the final say as far as how the track turns out and will often offer their input when the engineer is working on editing.  This type of recording is utilized in the movie, television, gaming and music industry and can require the engineer to have obtained their bachelor’s degree in recording arts with a one to two year internship.

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